Brain Dead Tea Partiers Are Tools, and Fools, for the RNC and The Wealthy

It’s absolutely amazing how these blind and brain dead tea partiers have become tools, and fools, for the republicans in congress, and the alleged leaders like Michael Patrick leahy.

I did a little searching and here is who Michael Patrick Leahy is. And, once you read this, ask yourself, does he sound like the typical tea partier we have seen on the streets carrying signs????

Michael Patrick Leahy.

Michael Patrick Leahy, a descendant of Civil War and Revolutionary War enlisted soldiers, was born in 1955 in Oswego, New York. He grew up in upstate New York , graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1977, and received an MBA from Stanford in 1981.

He became an Evangelical Christian in 1984, strongly influenced in his decision to believe by many highly rational friends and professors at both Harvard and Stanford.

He wrote his first book, Letter to an Atheist, in 2007.

In February, 2008, he was elected as a delegate to the Republican National Committee as an at-large delegate from the State of Tennessee committed to Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.

On November 28, 2008, he founded Top Conservatives on Twitter, a list of conservatives on Twitter, which now has more than 5,000 members.

In December 29, 2008, he founded The TCOT Report, the source for fast breaking news of interest to the conservative community. Some have described the TCOT Report as “Drudge Meets Twitter.”

On February 20, 2009, he co-founded the Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, and called and moderated the very first conference call among grassroots activists that provided the centralized information coordination for Round 1 of the Tea Party Movement, a coordinated simultaneous nationwide event held at noon EST on February 27, 2009 in fifty different cities, which was attended by over 30,000 people.

From February 28, 2009 to April 15, 2009, he continued to moderate weekly conference calls among grassroots activists, again providing the centralized coordination for Round 2 of the Tea Party Movement, which took place in 900 cities across the country on April 15, 2009, and which was attended by over 1 million people.

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Obviously Michael Patrick Leahy has, or can afford, the best possible health coverage available to any american. He is not the average tea partier we see on the streets carrying sign and making offsneive comments about the president of The United States.

He, along with the Republican National Convention are hardly the type of persons that could use health coverage reform.

But, my guess is that the greater majority of the tea partiers could use health reform. I believe the majority of them are paying through their noses now for whatever coverage they have, and in many case, no coverage at all.

But, they are the tools of the health insurance companies, the health insurance lobbiests, and of people like Michael Patrick Leahy.

They are, for all intents and purposes the “dittoheads” of the right wing talk show hosts who prey upon them, realizing that, as the one time, now deceased, Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Josef Goebbels, said….”If you repeat a lie often enough, the masses will believe it to be the truth”

And, the masses of the tea partiers are proving Herr Goebbels point, to a T. (no pun intended, or was there?)

And so, we will continue to see these “average” Americans, albeit brainwashed, take to the streets, being the tools of the RNC and to people like Michael Patrick Leahy who has no resemblence, in any way, to the poor slobs on the street that he controls through mind warps and manipulation.

These people, with their tea bags hanging from their hats, with their crudely made signs, some highly offensive, on the edge of racism, with their weapons hanging from their belts, would probably all benefit from a solid health care reform package, but they are far too gone, far too manipulated, and have become the “Manchurian Candidates’ of their own “Queen of Diamonds,” people like Michael Patrick Leahy.

What a pity. And in the end, if these zombies win out, Americans all across this great land of ours will be the losers.


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