White Folk, More White folk, and Even More White Folk

I was watching Rachel Maddow , on MSNBC, for a while and, as I usually do, I switched over to Hannity for my one minute look see to see what he is lying about today. (I always watch a minute or two because I say – to defeat your enemy, you have to know your enemy)

Anyway, he was coming from New Orleans tonight and he had on as his first guest, Michael Steele, the beleagured African American Chairman, followed by, whatever the hell his name is, the governor of Louisiana.

I was curious, so I checked results from the last census, in 2000, to see what the population, by state, was for black african-americans.

And, my results were pretty much as I expected.

Mississippi has the highest percentage of black African-Americans at 35.6% of the total population.

Guess which state was second? Yup, Louisiana with a figure of 30.8% of the total population being black, African-Americans.

So, here is a black African American, one of the most recognizeable ones in the nation, Michael Steele, and as the camera angles moved from Hannity to Steele, and to other areas, there was not one black face in the crowd from all of the various camera angles.

It was a wall to wall crowd of white faces, and all probably Christian evangelical types, too.

Now, wouldn’t one think that with 31% of the population being black, that for every 10 people in the audience, 3 of them would be black African=Americans.

That would be a reasonable assumptiion, right?

That being said, why would it be that there was not one black face that I could see….

Now, I am not suggesting, or saying, that there weren’t any black African Americans there. I am sure that there were quite a few but they just weren’t tall enough to be caught on camera, or they might have been in the crowd BEHIND the camera men.

Do any of you have any thoughts on this? I am sure that many of you fine people might be able to clear up this mystery.

With 31% of Louisiana’s population being black African Americans (2000 census), why weren’t any of them at the Hannity gig? Or, were they?

Link (PDF file)



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